Getting Close to the Second Printing of Winter

As of this moment, we have finally been able to run off the pages for our second printing of Kevin Devaney’s “Why I Believe in Winter”. I know there are plenty of you all out there looking to snag a copy, and half of the run has been spoken for, already. If you’re interested in claiming one of these books (which will be available beginning on January 8th), please do not hesitate to <a href=””>email us</a> and reserve your copy now!

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Support Valley F.E.A.S.T.!

If you’re looking to spread some cheer after our first snowfall in Massachusetts, I’d encourage everyone to head over to Valley F.E.A.S.T. and do what you can to help make this fantastic project a reality.

As of writing, the event is $56 short for green-light. We’ve donated, and we’d like to ask that you do, as well! Even the smallest donation will help to provide the Pioneer Valley with this amazing project!

From their own description:
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Mourning October

New work from D. Roberts, after the break.

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Second Printings

We’re happy to announce that we are moving forward with second runs for both Kevin Devaney’s “Why I Believe in Winter” and D. Roberts’ “Hidden/Folding”. If all goes well with our new shop, we should have these print runs available by the end of the month.

As always, do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

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Union Station

It is with great pride that we would like to point you toward Union Station magazine, where Kevin Devaney’s “Love Song for the Zombie Apocalypse” has found a home in print.

Conversely, if you have found yourself here from Union Station, welcome!

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Desire! Press: Call to Arms!

Desire! Press seeks to provide the best and most promising young artists a forum for professional distribution. We are a small chapbook press based in MA printing work for numerous poets, writers and artists working and living in the Northeast. Desire! Press strives to provide no-cost and low-cost printing and distribution for all of our artists. We focus on small-run printings and personal involvement to spread poetry and artistry within our communities.

We got the ball rolling this past summer with the release of our first two chapbooks, Kevin Devaney’s Why I Believe in Winter and D. Roberts’ Hidden/Folding. As we quickly ran out of copies, I was struck by a sudden and unexpected relocation away from the Northampton area. As I’ve spend the last few months cleaning up the mess, I believe that Desire! Press is ready to get going once again!
Why am I telling you all this? because you can help!
  • If you’re a writer, send us some writing!
  • If you know a writer, bug them to send us some writing!
  • If you attend a lot of events, you can help to distribute chapbooks in your area!
  • If you’re a web-guru, marketing-whiz or other such specialty, you can probably do something to help us increase our reputation!
  • Are you near Boston? You can help assemble and print some of our books!
  • Do you have awesome ideas? Maybe you can get involved in whatever way you feel fit!
We are currently seeking submissions for our first collection: Desire! Semi-Annual. We’re looking for poetry, short-short fiction, art or any other small pieces of work. In addition, we’re seeking to find 2-3 new artists to join our family and have their work published by Desire! Press.
If any of you wish to be involved, please do not hesitate to get back to us. Submissions of any sort can be sent to us at We endeavor to respond to all communication, and I will happily answer any questions any of you may have.
Of course, feel free to check us out at or email us at
Thank you,
Daniel Schrager
Desire! Press
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First Two Chapbooks are Now Available!

Desire! Press is happy to announce that our first two chapbooks are available for tasty consumption. At bargain prices, we’re interested in getting poetry to you above all else.

Kevin Devany’s Why I Believe in Winter is a series of poems which are as hauntingly beautiful in their stark portrayal of our darkest seasons as they are uplifting in their assertion of hope and progress. Devaney’s wit has been described as “genuine”, and his craft betrays careful and tight structures which leap across the page as they take on lives within their simple ink.

D. Robert’s Hidden/Folding is a collection of poems whose every moment is twisted and shifted upon the page. Imperative voices and long lines provide a driving rhythm which underlies a mind created by the very words manipulated on the page.

Please check out our ordering page for more information about how to get these books into your hands today. We also have copies with us at attended events.

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